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E-Mail From God For Women [Claire Cloninger] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Quick, check your in-box! It's filled with more e-mail from.
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Children of God

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Now share the story Too bad. Going beyond this very basic systematization of religious references within my inbox, some first conclusions and further questions seem reasonable. First, how can this be related to any broader topics within religious studies?

Spam mails want to achieve the unlikely: that I respond, and in the end even invest some money in expectation of a huge gift in return, be it financial, or, in this case maybe also in terms of blessing. To achieve this, they do not have a lot of means to increase their chances.

Their crucial task is to build up trust within an e-mail, one of the most anonymous media of communication one can imagine.

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Therefore, they sign with a name, often tell lengthy stories about their lives, and heartbreaking stories about their recent diseases. But it seems not too far-fetched, that religion does not occur by chance in those mails. Establishing a relationship and even trusting people one does not know and never has seen before is an old hat for religious people.

Hundreds of letters addressed to God are placed among the stones of the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

More concrete relationships build on more or less abstract trust in brothers and sisters in faith can be found in the networks of Jewish Merchants or the translocal networks of religious communities within migration processes, where one provides resources to unknown members of the same faith.

Therefore, the narrative strategies might either be related to theories of religious communities, and underline the idea that translocality and not knowing each other face to face are features of community which come up as recent diagnoses within the social sciences of the last decades, but are well-known and usual patterns in the field of religion. Or they could be linked to theories of religious capital, where social capital from within a religious group may go along with the accumulation of financial capital, drawing from the trustworthiness which strengthens formally weak ties into those strong enough to invest time or money.

Also, while we will probably never now whether these references really talked somebody into answering Mrs Teresa Collins or Esther John, the sheer existence of those references and narrations allow the assumption that their authors believe these reference to have an impact — which tells us at least a bit about the people behind these e-mails, and, from our perspective more interesting, the spread of the view that religious references may enhance the trustworthiness even of a spam mail.

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Or have you ever received a spam mail drawing specifically on your trustworthiness as a football player, agnostic or pigeon fancier? Man tosses hoax bomb in cycle shop to scare employees, deputies say. Doorbell camera alerts Florida homeowner to bear at front door. Get email alerts for local stories and events around the world. Man charged with murder in deaths of four homeless NYC men. Milberg: Analyzing media attention paid to students who make school threats.