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Warhost of Vastmark (The Wars of Light and Shadow, Book 3) (The Wars of Light & Shadow) by Wurts, Janny New Edition () on *FREE*.
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Tricked once more by his wily half-brother, Lysaer, Lord of Light, arrives at the tiny harbour town of Merior to find that Arithon's ship yards have been abandoned and meticulously destroyed, and that the Master of Shadow has disappeared as if into thin air. Meanwhile Arithon and the Mad Prophet Dakar are travelling on foot through the treacherous Kelhorn Mountains towards the Vastmark clans, there to raise further support for his cause. But raising a warhost is a costly business.

Is it mere coincidence that Princess Talith - Lysaer's beautiful, headstrong wife - is taken captive and held for a vast ransom by a master brigand?

There is minimal to none nuance regarding both brothers. This is truly disappointing.

Janny Wurts

Here, finally forced to somehow make things more complicated for the reader, what does Janny Wurts do to mar her Mr Perfect? Oh, he is snappish and a little bit moody. Also introvert and sarcastic. It seems that I, during my PMS, am a perfect antagonist material.

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When he opts for questionable means we are much too invested in his end and the end never waivers! So instead of belittling him, she makes him even more appealing in his audacity I so cheered for his daring scheme aimed at securing necessary funds! Forgive me this long diatribe but I wanted you to understand what has dominated my reading experience of this otherwise quite splendid novel and series.

Other characters grow throughout the story and have enough complexity to make me change my mind about them well, yes Dakar, I admit or mourn for them when they die. We traverse forbidding wyvern-infested ranges, learn more about the Desh-thiere I loved the trans-humanist vibes , weigh personal dreams against the universal needs along the political and cultural lines of the continent that culminate in bloody clashes that are superbly written. Fugitive Prince RTC 5. Grand Conspiracy RTC 6.

Peril's Gate RTC 7. Traitor's Knot RTC 8. Stormed Fortress RTC 9. Initiate's Trials RTC Destiny's Conflict RTC View all 11 comments. Parts of it broke my heart, parts of it made me chuckle, and parts of it made me yell at my Kindle.

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We learn a lot more about the world of Athera and our protagonists. I don't want to spoil anyone and will refrain from mentioning plot.

[Wikipedia] Fugitive Prince

Just know the world building is intricate, the various factions and magic systems intriguing and well developed. The characters are complex from the very beginning but get to grow throughout the story and the prose is beautiful. If you're at all into high fantasy, please consider this series and bring all the patience you've got because these books deserve an attentive reader who appreciates the complexity. You won't be disappointed.

May 05, Laura rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-in , epic-fantasy , favourites , read-in How can I do proper justice to the book that made me fall head over heels for this series, when I'm bad with words? It's impossible! So I'm not even gonna try. I'll use the tip I got from one of my friends instead and tell you all, what this book made me feel while reading. Chapter 1 BANG!

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From the very start. I'm on the edge of my seat. Watch out! Please, please, please be ok! And OMG!!! What have they done to that poor man! What humans are capable off!!! Chapter 2 This sucks! Humans are s How can I do proper justice to the book that made me fall head over heels for this series, when I'm bad with words?

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Humans are so fickle! And it makes me so sad!

Chapter 3 How can I laugh so hard one instant and then cry the next?! My heart is breaking for one and my patience's sorely tested by the other. Chapter 4 You've got to be kidding me!!! I'm laughing so hard right now that my belly aches. I sure as hell didn't see that coming!!! Chapter 5 Why do we always need to lay the blame for our faults on the head of others? This is making me so sad! Chapter 6 I don't remember ever reading another book that made me feel so much and change moods so often and so sudden.

I'm laughing again and the next instant I'm left gutted!!! And that man!! Will someone please help him find his right mind?! Chapter 7 Don't plan on being happy today. Right now I'm numb. This was so horrifying!!! So many dead and such a slaughter! Where the hell was the point to all that?! This book does bring out the worst in me. Because this is a slaughter! A horrible massacre with thousands of wounded and dying!

And I ended up laughing! Because that tactic was so I've never read anything like this till now. This is some amazing writing! Chapter 9 Phew! That was so close! I just about thought Well, never mind. Now do you see why!? I cannot help it!

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I'm officially head over heels in love with this series! View all 16 comments. Jun 22, Chris rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-owned-paperback , wurts-wars-of-light-and-shadow.